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Can Oneplus give tough competition to Apple?

Updated: Aug 22, 2022


It’s no secret that Apple Watch dominates the smartwatch industry with over 50% market share. Not that the Apple smartwatch doesn’t have any notable competitors, it’s just that none of them can match the repertoire of Apple’s offering. It is this dominating presence that has forced many rivals to take a leaf out of the noted wearable device.

OnePlus is very much similar to Apple Watch. It is another Apple Watch alternative with a similar design, especially if it is feature-rich and cost-effective as well.

It is worth noting that the newly launched OPPO Watch Series looks quite similar to Apple Watch as well.

Can Oneplus give tough competition to Apple?

Display: Good Looking OLED Display

OnePlus Watch is a good-looking 1.91-inch AMOLED 476 x 402 display. Featuring an impressive display, the smartwatch looks premium.

Notably, the smartwatch is available in two sizes (41mm and 46mm).

Can Oneplus give tough competition to Apple?
photo credit: fonarena

Focused on Health and Fitness

Before the arrival of the Apple Watch, most smartwatches would give preference to fashion quotient. However, things have changed drastically in the last few years, with companies now focusing on health and fitness.

The upcoming OnePlus watch introduces all the top health and fitness features like ECG, fitness tracking, and heart rate monitoring.

Not that android smartwatches don’t offer top-of-the-line health features, the problem is they struggle to perform the assigned tasks with precision. Whether it is the Galaxy Watch or Fitbit Versa, both these devices are good, but not great when it comes to offering accurate data consistently. But OnePlus is satisfactory to use.

Will Run Wear OS Out of the Box

The OnePlus watch will run Wear OS out of the box. That means the smartwatch will be versatile and perform several tasks like checking weather updates, delivering message notifications, making payments, tracking news, streaming music, and much more.

Furthermore, OnePlus smartwatch will also take advantage of Google Assistant and Google Fit. If any wearable device can get the most out of Wear OS, it will be able to make a strong statement right away.

Can Oneplus give tough competition to Apple?
photo credit: gizchina

Processor and Battery Life

OnePlus smartwatch is powered by Snapdragon Wear 3100/4100. Going by the reputation of the processor, you can expect the smartwatch to run smoothly while performing tasks.

Though it is hard to predict whether or not the OnePlus wearable device will be able to beat Apple Watch in terms of speed and efficiency, it would be interesting to see how it fares against the leading smartwatch.

As for battery life, the wearable device is said to come with a solid 430 mAh battery that can deliver around 30-35 hours of battery life. Equipped with 1GB RAM and up to 8GB storage, it will have the solid specs to take on famed rivals.

Can Oneplus give tough competition to Apple?
photo credit: gizchina

Water Resistance

Putting fitness tracking at the forefront, OnePlus offers high-end water resistance to its upcoming watch. The wearable device will deliver 3ATM/5ATM water resistance. That means you can count on the watch to let you keep a tab on how well you perform swimming or take on watersports with ease.

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