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iOS 14.5 Beta 8 Released by Apple for Developers | Tech-Knowledge

iOS 14.5 Beta 8, have been released by Apple for developers. The interesting fact is that it has been released in a week after the Beta 7 build was rolled out and around. It is sounds like the official final version 14.5 is almost ready for official rollout. I expect the final release of iOS 14.5 will be announced on "Spring Loaded" event on 20th April.

How to get the iOS 14.5 Beta Version

These Beta (developer versions) only for the technical folks and developers. However, it is advisable not to use this versions in your primary devices as this may not the perfect one or having some glitches.

You can visit developer.apple.com/download on the device where to run the Beta version, and download a developer beta profile. Once you have the profile you must enable it by going to your iPhone Settings -> General -> Profile. Your device will reset to enable the profile. After it has reset with the profile enabled, you can head to Settings -> General -> Software Updates to download the latest beta release.

Few Key Features in iOS 14.5

Unlock iPhone with wearing a Mask

The upcoming version of iOS i.e. 14.5 will also make it easier for the users to unlock their iPhones via Face ID while wearing a mask which is not possible with the current Face ID application. However, this feature requires an Apple Watch and you will have to wear it during this function. When the Face ID identify that you are wearing a mask, it will quickly unlock the connected iPhone. This help the new iPhone users (without touch ID) not to put the face mask down or enter passcode.

App Tracking Transparency

With the upcoming version Apple will fully implement the "App Tracking Transparency" feature that partially debuted on iOS 14. With the enabling of this feature, your iPhone will now require application to ask for a permission whenever they want to track your activities outside the apps. Apple said the new feature was aimed at giving users greater transparency over how their information is being used.

Enhanced Apple Map

Similar to the Google Maps and Apple Maps users will be able to share different road condition or crash report in real time to get reflected in MAP and to help the the navigation software for proper route information.

5G Global Dual-SIM Support

if you are using iPhone 12 and using both the SIM, then the connection was limited to 4G LTE. In the upcoming iOS 14.5 users of iPhone 12 car use 5G in dual SIM mode as well.

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