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From the year 2012, E sports was already become famous in the world. But in India, very few people were aware of that on that time. After that, India started growing in E sports scenario by the help of PC games like CS 1.6, CS GO. On that time, some teams from India like Optic India, Entity Gaming showing good performance in Practice scrims as well as tournament.

When the scenario started to grow, the team Optic India made with Haivaan, Marzil, Formless, Antidote and Forsaken qualified for the “ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND 2018”.

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It was a huge opportunity for any Indian team to showcase their talent in front of the world. But on the LAN event,The player Forsaken Caught red handed using cheats like auto aim and Optic India got disqualified ASAP.

And just after that The Optic India team got disband. It was a huge setback for not only the team but the whole E sports scenario of India. No international Organization was ready to invest in Indian E sports scenario after that Issue.

After that, after trying everything, the e sports scenario was not growing. Then on 18th March 2018, a game named Players unknown Battle ground (PUBG) was released.

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In that time, nobody even expect that this game will impact that much. It was not even a PC game. But this game became famous day by day, by the help of some youtube creators like Mortal (Naman Mathur), Dynamo Gaming (Aditya Sawant). But till that time it was just a game.


Then suddenly Tencent announced a tournament of PUBG called campus championship worth of 5000000 across 30+ cities and 1000+ institutes. That was a great indication. After that , on the year of 2019 Tencent announced another tournament PMIS worth of 5200000. Team SOUL, arguably the most fan favorite team across the world lead by MORTAL won the tournament. After that there was another tournament PMCO SPRING SPLIT INDIA, it also won by Team SOUL.

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And then there was the opportunity in-front of Team Soul and Team Insidious(IND) to carry the flag of India in the global tournament. But the performance of the both team was not up to the mark as it is the first global tournament played by any Indian team. After that, teams like TSM ENTITY, Orange Rock, Soul, IND, Fnatic shows the world that they are not weak. In the year of 2020, On PMWL(pubg mobile world league), Team Orange rock lead by Mavi, almost won the tournament, but they came 2nd in the world just for 9 points .

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That was amazing. Many international organization like Fnatic, Galaxy Racers, TSM came to India within this time.

But suddenly on the month of September 2020, Indian government banned PUBG. It was a huge setback for Esports player as well as Esports scenario.

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After the Ban of PUBG, a game named VALORANT became famous day by day. Almost all of the pro player of CS GO like Antidote, Rite2ace, Deathmaker, PSY, Haivaan shifted to VALORANT as CS GO scene for INDIA is almost dead nowadays.

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Teams like VLT, Global Esports, S8UL, Enigma Gaming, Godlike esports performing very well at present. It is now okay scene for Pc gaming competative scene.

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But as per latest report, the game PUBG is coming back to India again. Krafton is creating a new game called Battleground Mobile India(BGMI) , its actually same as PUBG, but this games made only for India.

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All the PUBG pros already started to grind again, many Orgs already hired line up for the upcoming game again. Surely it will bring back the competitive scenario again.

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