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Tips and Tricks to Extend iPhone Battery Life | Tech-knowledge

Every version of the iPhone comes with a few new features in software and hardware. One thing which is noticeable is that all the new models have an advantage in battery capacity. In general, iPhone never gives an advertisement on the capacity level of the battery, instead, they always said the advantage of the previous model and how much you utilise maximum in different scenarios.

In addition, one more point that all iPhone users must agree that the batteries of the iPhone are not the best in terms of capacity available in the market. However, I'm not comparing it with iPhone and Android phone batteries here. But there are a few others, like Samsung or Google Pixel came with a higher capacity battery and runtime as well.

Now, without modifying the iPhone to get a higher batter battery capacity, an user to follow a few tricks which help the battery drain less and protect to get ageing quickly. Although, all users have different requirements for their devices and a different mindset. However, the tricks I've listed below, I believe will work for most users.

Screen Brightness

The screen is one of the biggest power drawing hardware of a phone and on the top, is the brightness. If it is on the higher side, the maximum power will be drawn. But it can be adjusted to save the power. Your Control Center has a Brightness slider that you can drag to dim the screen, or you can alternatively turn on Auto-Brightness, which you’ll find in Settings → Display and Brightness.

Low Power Mode

When your battery is running low, i.e., less than 20%, the Low Power Mode activates in the iPhone and it pauses background activities that drain it, such as checking new emails, notifications from different applications, background app refresh, automatic downloads etc. And shutting off once the phone is charged to at least 80%. There are two ways to engage Low Power Mode: You can go to Settings and Battery to make the switch, or you can add it to your Control Center (via Settings → Control Center → Customize Controls). You’ll also be automatically asked if you would like to switch to Low Power mode when your battery reaches 20% then 10% power.

Location Service

The battery will last longer if your iPhone is offloaded from the obligation to share tracking services with your apps. Select Location services from Privacy Settings to activate or deactivate it. If enabled, you can see the list of your applications and consult them individually to determine whether you want to allow Location Services to be active when using the application.

Optimised Battery Charging

iPhones with iOS 13 or later have Optimized Battery Charging, which lets you know how long it’ll take to fully charge and adapts to your daily charging habits to reduce battery ageing. Tap Settings, Battery and Battery Status to find the optimized battery charge, which you must activate if not already done by default.

Video Previews or Reduce Motion

When someone texts you a note of congratulations and your screen lights up with a graphics fireworks display, that’s a Message Effect—and it likes to steal power from your battery. In addition, the smooth switching or transition from one screen to another used more power in comparison to normal switching. Try without this. Few people do not like this, but this really helps in terms of saving battery. The same applies to automatic video previews, but you can disable them easily. Simply go to Settings & tap Motion, where you can find switches for all of those.

Dark Mode

Putting your iPhone in Dark Mode may not conserve as much battery life. As the background is black in most of the area which means, the LEDs are off and this saves the capacity. However, it is a nice aesthetic choice that works well in dimly lit environments and may save you some precious moments. Enter Settings and tap Display & Brightness to choose Light or Dark Mode.

Background App

It’s too easy to forget how many apps are open on your phone, and as the ones you’re not using refresh in the background, your battery gets tapped. Stop this by turning off Background App Refresh, which lives in the General section of your Settings. Although it depends on the choice and requirements. If the user wants the app to run in the background and notify any updates, each application can be controlled individually.


Restarting your iPhone periodically may give your battery life an elevator by killing the background processes that might be draining valuable juice. All you need to do is press and hold the volume up button on the left and the power button on the right, which will bring up the power off slider. Then Hold down the Power and Volume Up Button following an option on the screen to shut it down and Power Button then to start.

How do I maximize my iPhone battery life?

Follow the tips described above to get the best out of your iPhone battery. This increase the operation time, hence, reducing the charging and discharging cycle which improves the life of batteries in general. Read the below article for more details.

Why my iPhone battery is draining fast?

There are thousands of reasons for the fast draining of the phone battery. See the below list for a few probable reasons for fast battery draining

  1. One informant is battery health. If the battery health is less than 80% Apple recommendable replacing the battery to get the best from it. At less than 80% also the phone will work but the user starts facing issues with fast draining.

  2. If the battery health is good, check the above tips and make sure those are okay.

  3. Sometimes, if you are using a trial software version instead of a public release, you might get this kind of issue.

How do I prevent my battery from ageing?

The top method is to by reducing the charging and discharging cycle and for that, the user needs to follow the tricks described above to make sure to use the iPhone battery wisely.

At what percentage should I charge my iPhone?

Try to control the SOC between 25% to 85%. This is the moderate range with a balance between utilisation and battery health. Read the below article for more details.

Is it possible to increase the maximum capacity of the iPhone battery?

The answer is Yes or No. A bit tricky. Iphone's original battery can't be replaced with high capacity battery. But iPhone has an external battery pack which can be attached along with the phone (applicable for the iPhone has a wireless charging option). It will increase the depth and weight of the phone a bit higher, but looks okay and is not essential to carry a charger and put it into a plug.

Find the details in the link below.

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