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Gandley M Series GPS Smartwatch | Tech-Knowledge

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

I have been using this watch for the last one year. Mostly I like the dial. Perfect size and weight and of course my weakness, the round dial which gives a feeling that I'm using the old days analogue watches. Although this watch is full of features, don't expect the best quality as you know that most of the time the quality is proportional to the cost. If the cost is low like this watch (I have brought with £40), you can't expect top quality output from it. Lets see the details, features, pros & cons, conclusion and a few FAQs.

Gandley M Series GPS Smartwatch

Previously I have reviewed another series i.e. R4 of Gandley smartwatch, which is not good in terms of finishing I would say. But there are few good features as well. See the link below for details.

Gandley M Series GPS Smartwatch

Below are the main features of the Gandley M Series GPS Smartwatch.

Main Features of Gandley M Series GPS Smartwatch:

GPS Smart Watch

The M7C has a built-in GPS. Support for GPS/Beidou/multi-satellite positioning. Position faster. Tracks up to 5 exercises like running, riding, and hiking. Connect to your phone to see real-time run stats on your SMART TIME APP, and a map of your route post-workout.

Smart watch for Multi-face and Large Touch screen high resolution

10 different main watch faces for you to choose, more convenient. And the function of designing your own watch face. The 1.3 inch high resolution large screen The dial uses Corning Gorilla Glass glass, 256 resolution full touch screen, the touch screen slides smoothly, and it is as smooth as a smartphone slide. You can switch between 8 dials on a 240X240 resolution display.

Gandley M Series GPS Smartwatch

Smartwatch Heart Rate Meter 7 x 24-hour automatic heart rate

Equipped with the HRS3313 heart rate sensor to read the health code. Monitoring intervals can be set in dedicated applications, and customizable measurement intervals (15 min/30 minutes/1 hour/2 hours). Then, connect the watch to your wrist, automatically monitor your 24-hour heart rate, and automatically form an electrocardiogram to keep track of your health.

Call Message Alerts and Message Reading

By connecting this watch with your smartphone via the SMART TIME app, you can receive alerts. Smartwatch Notifications

Blood Pressure measurement

The smartwatch also supports blood pressure measurement, turns on blood pressure, clicks, easily gets blood pressure values, and keeps an eye on your blood pressure in real time. (The blood pressure function only supports manual click measurements.)

Smart Watch for IP67 life Waterproof Watch

This Watch is IP67 waterproof standard. You can wear it when washing hands, running in the rain.

See the video for a quick introduction and the real pictures of the smartwatch I am using.

Gandley M series GPS Smartwatch Pros and Cons:


  1. IP67. The waterproof smartwatch design: wash hands, rain, bath or swim etc. I have personally used it for swimming. No damage on the watch, but the flow of the water acts as a finger, and changes the default position of the screen.

  2. Readability of the screen: LCD is very bright and readable at any weather condition. However, you can change the brightness or screen ON time etc. But note that it is not an always ON display.

  3. Anti-Lost: Although it is only a software application feature. Whenever the watch loses the connection with the connected mobile phone, it starts alarming with a vibration. This is sometimes useful to understand that users are not going to get any application notification from the mobile phone. Few people find it annoying. But if you don't like the feature you can turn it OFF.

  4. Watch strap: It is very flexible and you can fix it anywhere due to the design of the strap. I never had any issue after long use. And even the strap is changeable (lots of options available on eBay).


  1. Very poor battery backup: Maximum 3 days in moderate use, no GPS ON.

  2. The Mobile app is not very good. Not many features. Although you can connect to a third-party app like Google Fit or Apple Health. But there are some limitations those apps have which are mostly compatible with the Google wire OS app or Apple watch.

  3. Slow in terms of display ON while rotating the wrist. Sometimes you have to wait for 3/4 seconds to see the time. Very poor response.

  4. No customized clock screen: Only 10 predefined clock screens (combination of analogue and digital) are available. Any customisation is not possible.

  5. The Blood pressure monitoring is not working properly: It is a waste. Whatever the condition, it most of the time shows within some range.

  6. Power Switch position: Accidentally, so many times I have switched off the watch when I'm putting my shoes on. Most of the time I have bent my left wrist and the pressure came up to the power button for around 3 seconds, and as a result I have to turn it ON again.

  7. Charger arrangement: It has a clip type charger with 4 pins. Users need to place it in the proper position to connect it with the plates in the watch. And on top, there is a sponge placed on the opposite side of the clip. Make sure it is always available

Gandley M Series GPS Smartwatch


In spite of so many features, it is not the best one in this price range. The basic reason is the battery performance. It is so poor. If the watch is connected with the mobile phone and you are getting moderate notification (watch will vibrate against each notification) the entire day, you are going to end up with 3 days maximum. If you are using the GPS for tracking not even a day. It is not always ON display and the wrist rotation function is not so accurate. Compare to the Gandley R4 Smartwatch this model is slower to respond. Sometimes I need to press the button to turn ON the LCD which is so annoying.

The "SMART TIME APP "is worse than ever. It is a very basic app to connect many of the Chinese manufacturers' smartwatches. There are not many features in the iOS/Android versions. Although the Android version has a few more options compared to the iOS version. I'll cover those details in some other article.

Finally, although I'm using this along with my Amzfit (rectangular shape) watch, I use this mostly due to the shape and size.

Gandley M Series GPS Smartwatch

FAQ for Smartwatches

Q. Does the ‘always on’ standby watch face show a message count for notifications, or do you need to wake the phone up?

A. No, when your phone receives a message, the watch's surface will automatically light up to show the content of the received message

Q. Can I upload and play music from the watch or do I still need my phone to play music?

A. Sorry, no. You can set some controls on the watch to control playback from your smartphone, but the watch itself doesn't play music.

Q. Does this smartwatch have a sim card slot?

A:No the watch doesn't have a sim card slot and cannot be used as a phone as such but after you pair the watch with your phone through the app when your phone rings the watch vibrates and displays who is phoning and when you receive a text it displays who it's from and the text content.

Q: Can you answer calls on watch

A: No you can’t it’s just alerts you to a call

Q. Can you reply to text messages on this watch?

A. No; only receive.

Q. Does it monitor blood oxygen levels, spo2?

A. No it doesn't .

Q. Can you use this watch without a smartphone?

A. You won't get any real tracking beyond what the watch can store at real time (max for that day). In addition you can use built-in other functions like, blood pressure, alarm, stopwatch and timer etc.

Q: Is it compatible with all mobiles?

A: At present, the watch is basically compatible with most smartphones with Bluetooth capabilities on the market. Download SMART-Time, turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone and then enter the APP to connect to the watch to realize smart interaction.

Q: Can you change the watch faces with new ones, apart from the ones that have been provided in the watch itself?

A: No, the Mobile app does not provide that.

Q: NFC integrated?

A: The current product model does not support NFC function,

Q: Can you take photos on your phone via Bluetooth?

A: At present, the photography function of the watch has not yet been launched on the market.

Gandley M Series GPS Smartwatch

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Patrick Jennings
Patrick Jennings
28 พ.ย. 2565

Hi can I get the charge cable and batteries for the gandley m-gps- smart watch email

Subir Biswas
Subir Biswas
28 พ.ย. 2565

Hello Patrick, Charger cable link is available in other comments. Please have a look. It is a 4 pin clips type. For battery I’m not sure. Have you opened the watch already? Do you have any pictures which you can share. I can then suggest you the battery. Sorry, I have not opened the back side my watch yet as there is no such issues still. Thank you


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