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Gandley R4 Smartwatch - Worth it or Not | Tech-Knowledge

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Gandley, is a Chinese watch manufacturer. Products available in Amazon. This smart watch works with Android and iOS both. Connectivity is Bluetooth. It’s an IP 68 rated watch.

Below are the features of this Smart watch.

Gandley R4 Smartwatch - Worth it or Not | Tech-Knowledge

Gandley R4 Smartwatch Features:


The Gandley R4 smart watch has a large 1.3-inch color screen, which provides excellent image quality, and the sensitive full touch screen operation design brings you a better user experience.

Gandley R4 Smartwatch - Worth it or Not | Tech-Knowledge

Real-time Heart Rate Monitoring:

The R4 watch uses an optimized Al algorithm and a high-performance sensor for accurate 24-hours real-time heart rate measurement. Track your fitness intensity in real time with continuous heart rate monitoring to make your exercise more scientific and effective.

In addition it has provision of Blood pressure monitoring as well.

Gandley R4 Smartwatch - Worth it or Not | Tech-Knowledge

IP68 Water Resistant:

The smart watch features IP68 waterproofing and built-in high- precision sensors that capture motion data such as heart rate, heat and more while swimming to help you swim efficiently.

Gandley R4 Smartwatch - Worth it or Not | Tech-Knowledge

Sport mode:

There are 11 professional sports modes on R4 watches (Run, brisk walk, cycle, mountain climb, treadmill, spin, yoga, swim, basketball, football, badminton), and enables to track a variety of real-time data during exercise, so you'll be able to know your exercise status and improve appropriately.

Gandley R4 Smartwatch - Worth it or Not | Tech-Knowledge


Text, Call and Social Media Notifications, countless messages are received from different kinds of apps on phone each day, it will break and distract your attention in daily life. The smart watch with notifications will help you to filter messages with a glance, you can ignore the meaningless and check the meaningful.

Gandley R4 Smartwatch - Worth it or Not | Tech-Knowledge

Gandley R4 Smartwatch Pros:

  1. Battery. Average.

  2. IP68. The waterproof smartwatch design: wash hands, rain, bath or swim etc.

  3. Sleep monitoring. Records deep sleep, light sleep and awake time, you will get a better knowledge of your sleep quality and status.

  4. Cost. Only at £35 these many feature is really nice.

Gandley R4 Smartwatch Cons:

  1. The Mobile app is not very good. Not many features. Although you can connect to a third-party app like Google Fit or Apple Health. But there are some limitations those apps have which are mostly compatible with the Google wire OS app or Apple watch.

  2. Slow in terms of display ON while rotating the wrist. Sometimes you have to wait for 3/4 seconds to see the time. Very poor response.

  3. No customized clock screen.

  4. The Blood pressure monitoring is not working properly.

According to my view, if you are looking for just a smart watch with basic feature, it solved the purpose, but if you are looking for more precise accuracy, unfortunately, it does not serve the purpose.

FAQ for Smartwatches

Q. Can you reply to text messages on this watch?

A. No only receive.

Q. Does it monitor blood oxygen levels, spo2?

A. No it doesn't .

Q. Can you use this watch without a smartphone?

A. You won't get any real tracking beyond what the watch can store at real time (max for that day). In addition you can use built-in other functions like, blood pressure, alarm, stopwatch and timer etc.

Q: Is it compatible with all mobiles?

A: At present, the watch is basically compatible with most smartphones with Bluetooth capabilities on the market Download SMART-Time, turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone and then enter the APP to connect to the watch to realize smart interaction.

Q: Can you change the watch faces with new ones, apart from the ones that have been provided in the watch itself?

A: No the Mobile app does not provide that.

Q: NFC integrated?

A: The current product model does not support NFC function,

Q: Can you use to take photos on your phone via Bluetooth?

A: At present, the photography function of the watch has not yet been launched on the market.

Please let me know if you have any further queries regarding this topic.

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25 mai 2022

Re: Gandley M-GPS Smart Watch.

I had a problem with my fifteen month old Gandley M-GPS smart watch in that I had great difficulty in charging it. I eventually came to the conclusion that the charging cable was broken and tried to source a replacement, having first sought help from the email address in the manual. I tried three times but did not get a reply.

I then came across this article but unfortunately this was of no help with getting a replacement cable, so I emailed the author in the hope that he might be able direct me in the right direction.He made one suggestion but that was of no help either.

I did some further research and came…

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