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LIFEBEE Smartwatch: Definitely a Value for Money

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Smartwatch!! A new trend towards fitness tracking. It is a wearable computer in the form of a watch, available in different shapes viz. round, square, rectangle, oval, etc. Please read the Evolution of Smartwatch in the linked article. In this article, I'm going to focus on my understanding and feedback for the Lifebee smartwatch.

Lifebee is a new name in the smartwatch industry. I know, it is very to rely on some new manufacturers. There are many manufacturers that are available in the market. But you have to pay a huge cost for all high end watches. Somewhere we need to be budget-friendly. So, here we are for one example in the smartwatch.

A nice smartwatch with a 1.54 inch TFT colour display. It supports both iOS and Android devices. As my, another watch is already connected with my android phone so I tried this one with my iOS device. It’s very easy to download the app from App Store named “NFit” and open it and sync up with the watch. That’s all, it is connected. The third-party app is also supported I have connected this app with my Apple health. And Apple Health app fetching taking all the data from this app. Cool features. I’m very impressed with it.

Coming to the quality, it made with an aluminum alloy frame, stylish, Matt black straps and it is IP 68 waterproof.

The battery on this lasts for weeks even with moderate use. I’m personally used this for seven days with a single charge with mobile notification ON. It also has the on-screen protector for the screen provided by the manufacturer. Sometimes the wrist sensing response bit slow, but the overall operation is good. It’s really a good watch. Some additional features can be added in the next revision like a BP count, blood oxygen levels etc. But this new feature might add some extra bucks to the price tag. But with the current price what are the features is available with this watch that’s pretty, of course, the value for money. See the pros and cons below listed according to me.


  1. Battery. Excellent battery back up.

  2. Different types of the wrist strap. Feels very expensive.

  3. IP68. The waterproof smartwatch design: wash hands, rain, bath or swim etc.

  4. Sleep monitoring. Records deep sleep, light sleep and awake time, you will get a better knowledge of your sleep quality and status.


  1. The Mobile app is not very good. Not many features. Although you can connect to a third-party app like Google Fit or Apple Health. But there are some limitations those apps have which are mostly compatible with the Google wire OS app or Apple watch.

  2. Slow in terms of lights ON while rotating the wrist. Sometimes you have to wait for 3/4 seconds to see the time.

  3. No customised clock screen.

Some questions and their answers:

Q: Can you change the watch faces with new ones, apart from the ones that have been provided in the watch itself? A: No the Nfit mobile app does not provide that. Q: Is it compatible with all mobiles? A: At present, the watch is basically compatible with most smartphones with Bluetooth capabilities on the market Download APP-Nfit, turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone and then enter the APP to connect to the watch to realize smart interaction. Q: Can you purchase screen protectors for this watch A: This is available with a screen protector. Q: NFC integrated? A: The current product model does not support NFC function, Q: Can you adjust the volume of the music playing on your phone with this watch? If so how? A: No you can't. Q: Can you use to take photos on your phone via Bluetooth? A: At present, the photography function of the watch has not yet been launched on the market. Q: Can the straps be switched out for different ones? Yes.

Please let me know if you have any further queries regarding this topic.

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