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VAIO is Back! The Laptop brand back to India with Flipkart

Remember VAIO, the eye catching laptop Sony is set to make a comeback to the India market. Nexstgo Company Limited, Hong Kong-based Organization signed an agreement with the Japan-based VAIO Corporation to bring the the brand again in Asian market. They announced to bring two models in month of January 2021.

VAIO is back to India
VAIO Old model (Image Source: Sony)

As informed, Nexstgo is launching the laptops through Flipkart in India. Flipkart announced the date 15.01.2021 for the launch. Please subscribe with us to get more details earliest.

See the link here for the Flipkart Announcement.

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Although the Organization, Nexstgo or Flipkart did not unveiled the specification yet, but it was informed that this will an AMD model along with another model which was designed for modern office uses. Lets wait for something cool again from the brand name VAIO. However, I expect the earlier issue user faced with the VAIO Laptops (service related) is solved with the new design.

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