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Is the iPhone worth the cost | Tech-Knowledge

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

The iPhone is the most craziest phone in the in the market. Starting from January 9, 2007 when the first iPhone was introduced till now they have introduced many models with many innovation. They always turned into a market leader and making a path which other phone manufacturer's are following. Although sometimes Apple introduced something later but that is always a improved version from the existing. They made their own way which can be termed as "Applesway".

Is the iPhone worth the cost?
iPhone 12 (Image Source: Apple)

The iPhone is a line of smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. iPhone comes under the premium flagship phone with packed of innovations. However, some model which is termed as "SE" is budget flagship model. But either it is premium or budget model, the cost of the iPhone is always on the higher side.

Hence, for the users a common question is the iPhone worth the cost??
Is the iPhone worth the cost
Available iPhone models (January 2021)

For an example the see the below table for the current price tag of the iPhone models available in the Apple store as on today (January 2021). For an extensive study I've included the price among 3 countries, UK, USA and India.

There is huge price difference between USA and other countries like UK or India. Except the Pro models the price in UK and India are almost identical (1GBP=99.50INR). But compare to USA (1GBP=1.37USD), the cost is almost 37% higher in UK and in India as well. This is crazy. But there is more craziness for iPhone and that is the reason the selling curve is going upper and upper.

But if you are located in USA or Japan, it is okay and compare to other phone flagship manufacture's it is similar. I'll cover this in another topic.

Technical advantages and disadvantages of iPhone:

To understand the cost of the iPhone we need to know a bit detail inside the iPhone, like what kind of material used to built the iPhone, performance, service and others. Mostly we can go though the advantages and disadvantages of the iPhone to understand the cost is worthy or not.


Built Quality:

Each model of the iPhone built with the best quality component in available in the market. Those who are not aware about the electronics component level industry, like all other industry in electronics also different quality of materials available (depends on temperature range, material used etc.). And the cost, it will vary almost 1/10. You can imagine cost variation. This increase the life of the device.

Innovation and Technology:

Apple is more keen to innovate new products or new technology or sometimes a new way of application which never done by anyone.

Is the iPhone worth the cost
iPod Shuffle

For an example iPod. May be young age people does not know what it is, but remember Apple introduce this concept by using a tiny small device, iPod Shuffle which was very useful to enjoy the music with no harassment.

Then different version of iPods, like, with small screen with big screen to watch the videos with a best quality audio (only wired). Wow, hats off to the innovator for his way of think to change the complete ecosystem for the music lovers.

Similarly, iPhone is also not far from it. Every model comes in the market is with some new technology which was not seen earlier. Or if it is seen earlier from some other manufacture, Apple make it better and remove all drawbacks. As a end user you can enjoy the best flavour.

Software (OS and App):

First we'll see the OS (operating system). Most user in the globe is used to with Android. But expect Pixel (Google's own product) or sometime some few (using Android One OS), no mobile phone is available with stock android. All mobile phones are build with an user application on top of android to give more flexibility or to add some other features or its own apps etc. As an example Xiaomi provides MIUI, Oppo and Realme provides ColosOS etc. But Apple has their own OS which they call as iOS which is more smooth and clean. And on top more secure compare to others.

The main reason of the security is no can built an App/Application and run in iOS platform for others use. It should run though several checking for all security aspect. And on top as the OS manufacture built the hardware as well, they optimize their software at the level best so that it can run on the phone smoother that ever.


Nothing to say in this point. As you are paying premium for all services you will get the best from the Company. Sometimes, they have changed all the model or some parts of the iPhone without any charges if they found some issue on any particular model or batch. A service like premium cars. You can't expect from all manufactures. And for some manufacture's the service change is so that that you can buy almost the same phone with some extra bucks.


Most of the time it is beyond the expectation. First ask yourself how frequent you change your mobile phone and why? The main reason it is not working properly, being slow to process, application not opening properly. And this is basically for the OS update and memory utilization.

Memory utilization:

Basically every upgrade version of the OS need more RAM to work and whole you the applications are also getting updates that also needs more RAM and occupy more memory form internal phone memory. It is true for Android and iOS. The issue is Android is developed by Google and used by most of the phone manufacturers. But they don't have direct control over how much memory/RAM needed to use that new version of OS. Whereas, iOS have a control over there and they optimized that OS to run their most of the models.

OS Update:

Apple giving the OS support at least for 5 to 6 years. In the year 2020, Apple released iOS 14 (when they released iPhone 12) which is compatible with iPhone 6 (released in 2015). Incredible hardware and so good future planning. For android the high end flagship phones also will received only 3 software upgrades. For the low range phones maximum 1 or 2 stage of OS updates. But done go the top one, that will kills your phones performance like anything.

Don't forget Apple's A14 Bionic chip is the most powerful mobile processor available as on date.



There are limited number of application compare to Android and that is because of more critical to get an approval. But for those who are used to with different apps from all small app developer may feel issue with iPhone.

Feels Old:

You you use a iPhone properly, you can use this at least 6 years minimum without having any issues except the battery change once in 3 or 4 years. But the issues is by that 6 years mobile phone industry will develop so much that you can start feeling like your phone does not have all latest features. That might true. But believe me, at that time also you will get a very good picture, very good music, smooth display, operation and OS and app support of course.

My conclusion.

As I have described on top the OS related issue. It Happens with me personally with MI4 from Xiaomi and with OPPO. On other hand I have received only one upgrade in my LG phone. However, I've received 2 software upgrade on my first Android phone which was HTC wildfire and then it wouldn't support any further modification.

Is the iPhone worth the cost
iphone 12 Blue Model

And from Apple's the first product I've used is an iPod shuffle which I bought in 2009 with 2500 INR for 1GB memory. The price was dropped at that time for some iPod release. However, still cost wise it was on higher side compare to Sony at that time. But, the most surprise it worked more that 10 years for me without any issue. I have received only one software update somewhere in 2014 I remember. But it was not required more updates as need in mobile phones.

Coming back to iPhone, if an iPhone you can use for 6 years (if you are not worried about the disadvantages I've said previously), it is really a worthy deal. However, this is my personal way of look into it. Its vary from person to person. But with the high cost you will get best performance, long term support and smooth operation. It is a worthy deal if you thinking for long run.

If you want a secure mobile phone for best performance and for long run of course, definitely you can choose an iPhone.

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