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Hello guys, today we are going to discuss a very easy way to connect your mobile with your PC as a webcam, no matter what OS you are using.

You have to download and install one Software in your PC at first. It is totally free of cost.

· From this link download the software based on your OS.

· After that open the folder you downloaded and install it to your PC.

· After complete the installation open the Software.

You will see a page like this, no need to worry. Now you need to install a application on your phone. It is also free of cost. Just search Iruin on playstore or Apple store based on the OS of your phone. You will find a application like this.

Now follow the steps:

· Install the Application.

· Open the application.

· You have to connect your phone to your PC via data cable if your phone and PC are not connected within same WiFi or LAN. If both of your phone and PC connected within same WiFi or LAN, no need to connect your phone via Data Cable.

Now your phone is successfully connected with your PC as webcam. You can use it as per your need like online classes, meeting etc. Enjoy your day.

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