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ONIKUMA Gaming Headset K6 | Tech-Knowledge

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

It is now more than a year, I'm still using this headset model K6 from ONIKUMA. When I bought it from Amazon, I was not that aware of this company. I purchased it for one-day delivery within my budget. But after the first month (I mostly use this for conference calls), I started to get some information about this company and got surprised that they are developing only gaming equipment like keyboards, mice, speakers and headsets. Although I was not able to find much information, I understand from the company logo that they are part of SHENZHEN OUNI TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.

ONIKUMA Gaming Headset K6 | Tech-Knowledge

Anyway coming back to ONIKUMA K6 details and my experience and feedback. See the features below I have listed.

Large Speaker and Noise reduction mic:

The main attraction of this headset is the 50mm large speaker unit with surround sound and the 6x2.7mm omnidirectional mic with noise reduction, and clear communication with teammates either used for gaming or conference call. A built-in anti-pop filter dampens explosions and blasts noises to make communications clear by reducing unpleasant sounds.

An RGB Lighting Experience

One of the funky parts is the RGB light. Anyway, you need to plug the USB to turn it ON. Otherwise, the speaker and mic work through a 3.5 mm headphone jack. The package comes with an additional attachment to convert the single 3.5mm headphone jack to a separate mic and headphone jack for older computers or a few specific systems.

ONIKUMA Gaming Headset K6 | Tech-Knowledge

Design - Closed-Back:

Another part which I really like is the leather soft earmuffs. There is no noise cancellation in these headphones. But that earmuffs developed in such a way that they reduce the external sounds. It fit closer to the ears and therefore reduces airflow. The benefits of closed-back are that it blocks out more background noise allowing you to hear more sound detail especially in loud environments, and they prevent sound leakage so others around you won't hear your audio much if at all. Plus, closed-back headsets typically have better bass. But remember, if someone called you as well you can't hear properly if you are playing a game or enjoying music or a movie.

The ONIKUMA K6 headset has a solid frame but an adjustable headband for good support and comfortable wearing. The easy-to-access volume control wheel and microphone mute button on the left headset lets you adjust the sound on the fly.

ONIKUMA Gaming Headset K6 | Tech-Knowledge

Universal Compatibility:

This headphone is compatible with PC, PS4, New Xbox One, Mac, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch (audio), Laptop, PSP, Tablet, iPad, Computer and other platforms. I personally used this ONIKUMA K6 headset with my Mobile Phone, iPod, Tablet, Laptop and Computer and have no issue found anywhere except the RGB light which can only work with a laptop or computer because of its power requirement (USB port).

ONIKUMA Gaming Headset K6 | Tech-Knowledge

See the table for ONIKUMA K6 headset specification details

According to my personal experience, this headset is good for gaming or conference calls at this price range. And as it is a bit heavy and hence, you can't use it for the entire day like Google Pixel Buds or others for enjoying the music. And as it is a wired headphone nowadays not preferable for use while outside of home or workplace. But good for office or home.

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