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Apple proposes new Patent for Wireless Charging

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

It is Apple, always think beyond and better way to update the gadgets. Apple proposes two new patents on the wireless charging mechanism. Sounds like a new plan in the Apple ecosystem.

Apple proposes new Patent for wireless charging
Image Credit: Pixabay


This describes a MacBook can wirelessly charge an iPhone, iPad, iWatch and earbuds. Patently Apple reports.


This describes about a charging MAT and all different devices (MacBook can wirelessly charge an iPhone, iPad, iWatch and earbuds) can be charged through this.


The reverse wireless charging of the MacBook is an interesting decision taken by Apple. With current MacBook it is running around 18 hours. And with with reverse charging mechanism It will last less if your iPhone, iWatch, iPad, earbuds getting charged from the MacBook. Although putting a wireless charging coil into a laptop doesn’t seem like a big deal, but Apple of course will jump with some interesting solution and application.

Moreover, with the support of the software, user will be able to set the sequence of charge the devices like the watch will be charged before and the iPhone will charged before your iPad. And user may set up more complex charging preferences as well, such as charging a device 85% to last a typical day based on usage patterns or charge some devices based on the calendar plan.

For the other one it seems like a wireless mat which can be used for the MacBook and other devices will be kept on top of MacBook. Lets wait to see the execution.


Personally, it looks like Apple will sell the MacBook with its charger and that’s it. All other Apple devices will be charged from MacBook with this wireless charging method. No need any iPhone chargers, cables, Watch chargers, and so on.

They have already taken the first step, stopped shipping charger with iPhone 12. Such a futuristic planning. 

See more details about this patent in Patently Apple.

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Subir Biswas
Subir Biswas
Jan 13, 2021

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