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Control your Smartphone with your eyes | Tech-Knowledge

Personally I've been thinking about it for a long time now. Sometimes I feel very lazy to turn the page or scroll on my computer or on my mobile phone while reading some document or tutorials. And at that time I thought for all tech giants why they are taking so much time to come forward with a solution like why it is not working with a blink of an eye or by turning the eyes instead of fingers.

Finally, thanks to Google for thinking about it. Google’s latest mobile phone operating system, Android 12 (beta version) takes the first step to fulfill this dream. The latest Android 12 beta release includes a silent new capability that lets you control your phone with your eyes. A glance to the left, could take the place of the typical system-level Back gesture. A glance upward could open your notifications. The possibilities only keep going from there. You could teach your Android phone to open your Quick Settings panel when you open your mouth. Are you using the latest Android 12 beta version? It is time for you to try out the system for yourself. Okay, you are not using Android 12 Beta, don’t worry. This feature will probably be introduced finally once the Android 12 software is officially released.

Whenever you’ve got Android 12 in front of you, here’s all you have do to find and activate the thing:

  1. Open system settings and search for the Accessibility section.

  2. Scroll down to search ‘Switch Access’. Select it.

  3. Select ‘Use Switch Access’.

  4. Follow the steps to configure the system and its various face-oriented gestures.

  5. However you go about it, you’ll ultimately have six possible eye- and face-based gestures you can configure. And you can configure any of them to handle just over a dozen different tasks.

To introduce this feature the front camera always needs to be active and look for your face gesture, definitely, it is going to impact the battery performance. After that, it can be pretty annoying if you are using your phone as normally as you are using and due to this feature, it starts behaving something else. You might be forced to close this feature if it's not very user friendly. This might be fun in a few situations but my understanding is Google can make it lots better for people like me (lazy people) who don't want to scroll the page while reading long messages or where it really needs to scroll. It's of course a futuristic feature which makes its way into the world and then continues to evolve from there.

What is your opinion? Please comment (of course if you have time and read till this stage).

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