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Mi True Wireless Earphone 2 | Tech-Knowledge

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Xiaomi launched a few Bluetooth headphones in the market. The latest one from their product range is the Mi True Wireless Earphones 2. This is the company’s the first pair of TWS earphones for India. However, for Global market another model is available.

There is a huge development in the section of Bluetooth headphone is noticeable in last one or two years. It is due to the recent withdrawal of 3.5mm headphone jack from many mobile phones. With the development of Bluetooth technology, wireless earbuds have evolved into a very small size and cordless form factor that we call it True Wireless Stereo (TWS). The term TWS or True Wireless Stereo refers to a technology which allows you to pair two audio devices via Bluetooth, meaning that you can transmit the L channel (left) and the channel R (right) separately. The Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones 2, the TWS model also considered the same experiencing audio from your phone straight to your head without distorting a single bit of information.

Image Source: Xiaomi

Xiaomi, is a big name in the mobile industry now and in India of course. Although they are selling the headphone (wired or wireless) separately from the initial days.

Headphones were never part of the mobile business for Xiaomi.

Our Opinion:

Mi True Wireless (TWS) Earphone 2
Image Source: Xiaomi


  • Design and finish

  • Comfortable and light

  • Auto-pause feature

  • Affordable


  • Limited controls

  • No ANC

  • Battery capacity need improvements compare to other competitors

  • Lacks IPX resistance

  • It is optimized for Xiaomi Smartphones


It followed its previous version in terms of colour and design. Looks decent. The finishing of the earphones is typical for Xiaomi audio devices. But compare to other manufacturer, it get bit a less dirty. That is because of the material they used.

The slip proof design and light weight design makes you forget that you are wearing it.

Music playback automatically pauses when you take them off and resumes when you put them back on.

Sound Quality:

The 14.2mm dynamic driver produce good bass, but don't compare with Apple Airpods which cost around 5 times. The composite diaphragm dynamic driver that delivers artfully tuned sound while enhancing sound accuracy.

Image Source: Xiaomi

There are dual-microphone is equipped to provide crystal clear calls and superior audio quality. These dual-mic used for noise cancellation. A precise algorithm that works together to cancel out the ambient noise. The microphone at the bottom detects the direction of your speech and works in sync with the other mic to suppress environmental noise up to 90% to deliver a crystal clear voice call experience. The volume is fine, but not excellent for busy areas which need special care i.e. active noise cancellation. It only supports Environmental Noise Cancellation which is not excellent from my point of view.

Image Source: Xiaomi


This is the annoying part of it. We can pause or play the music with two taps on the right (R) earbud. If we want to go to the next song or raise / lower the volume we have to tap the left (L) earphone twice and ask the voice assistant for the command we want to perform.

Image Source: Xiaomi

There is no touch control for volume up or down. This is the only "big" flaw that I see in these headphones from the functional point. This might can be achieved with some firmware modification. But not sure when they will update this.

Mostly the earphones are optimised to used with the Xiaomi mobile phones. All other phones also supports but if you are using a Xiaomi, you will get more features from the MIUI.

One-step Pairing - Connecting your earphones was never this easy. An automatic pop-up on your phone notifies you when the earphones are out of the case. Press a single button and the earphones are instantly connected to your smartphone.

Battery Life:

The 14 hours battery life which runs all day long if you are taking proper rest. Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 can go on for up to 4 hours with no interruptions. The pocket-sized portable charging case provides 14 hours of music backup and makes it simple to recharge the device, making it a true powerhouse of music.

  • Up to 4 hours of listening time with a single charge

  • 14 hours of battery life with multiple charges in the case

However, compare to its competitors it is a bit less but for one day use it is decent.

Here is the full specification of Mi True Wireless Earphone 2.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Does the single side mic work if only one piece is worn?

No. Need to wear both.

2. Can I use only one ear pod and keep other one charging?

Yes, but for music only. Mic will not work in that situation.

3. Will it block outside noise to some one receives the voice on the call??

No, it doesn't have noise cancellation option.

4. What are devices supported by Mi True Wireless Earphones 2?

Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 support all Android, iOS and Windows based devices with Bluetooth compatibility

5. How do I charge these earphones?

When the Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 are placed in the charging case, they will automatically start charging and it takes approximately 30 mins for a full charge.

6. How to charge the charging case?

To charge the case, connect it to a power source through a C-type cable. The indicator blinks red while charging, and turns white when fully charged. Please note that it takes around 2 hours for a full charge.

7. How do I check the battery level on the earphones and charging case?

After connecting the earphones to a phone, you can check the earphones' battery level on the phone's status bar.

To check the battery of the charging case, open the lid of charging case, or press the function button if the lid is closed. Once this is done, if the indicator light of the charging case stays lit for 5 seconds, it means the battery is sufficient. But, if the indicator light of charging case is blinking, it means the battery level of charging case is low and should be charged immediately.

8. How do I switch on/switch off the earphones?

Once you open the charging case, the earphones will automatically turn on. To disconnect the earphones, place the earphones back into the charging case and close the lid this will put the earphones to sleep mode automatically.

9. What button functions are available on the Mi True Wireless Earphones 2?

For calls:

Gently tap either one of the earphones twice: Answer/End call.

For Music & Voice Assistant:

If you're wearing both earphones, gently tap the right (R) earphone twice to Play/Pause music. Gently tap the left (L) earphone twice to access the voice assistant. Also, taking out an earphone will pause music. If you're wearing only one earphone, gently tap the earphone twice to Play/Pause music

10. How to avail warranty?

You can avail warranty through Xiaomi customer care. Warranty of the product is valid for 6 months from the invoice date.

Where to Buy the Mi True Wireless Earphone 2

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