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Google Earth Timelapse project shows how human beings collectively became Suicide Bombers

Humans have been watching the space with their eyes ever since they have started their journey on planet earth. However, they have now reached a stage where they can closely watch their planet from space with their satellites and they can capture the images of Earth to analyse and solve their problems for the betterment of humanity. It's high time for us as Aliens to closely observe where the human species are racing towards.

Google Earth has brought its biggest update since 2017 and launched a time-lapse feature that lets users see how the earth has changed over the past 37 years, 24 million satellite photos from the past 37 years have been compiled into an interactive 4D experience.

What is Google Earth

Google Earth is a computer program that provides a 3D representation of Earth based primarily on satellite imagery. The program maps the Earth by superimposing satellite images, aerial photography, and GIS data onto a 3D globe, allowing users to see cities and landscapes from various angles.

Image Credits: Google Earth

An image from Google Earth using 'Launch Earth' feature
Google Earth running on Windows 7

Difference between Google Earth and Google Maps

In simple terms, Google Maps is a navigation application that can show the different routes with different transport choices to get humans from point A to point B, whereas Google Earth is a computer program that provides the users a 3D representation of earth, without any point-to-point navigation, using the satellite images of earth collected by different satellites operated by governments and space companies around the earth.

Image Credits: Google Maps

Google Maps screenshot with different available travel options for a route
Screenshot of Google Maps with travel options for a route

About Google Earth Timelapse Project

Earth timelapse is a global, zoomable video that lets people see how the earth has changed over the past 37 years. Available for the first time in Google Earth, users can now explore the imagery on the 3D globe, giving a whole new perspective to planetary change.

The tech giant Google has provided a platform, through this project, for humans to view the change across the planet due to different reasons starting from agriculture, deforestation, infrastructure, mining and many more.

Images Credits: Google Earth

Google Earth Image showing different areas the project has focused on.
Different Areas Covered in Timelapse Project

Google Earth says "we combined millions of satellite images from the past several decades collected by five different satellites. The majority of the images come from Landsat, a joint USGS/NASA Earth observation program that has observed the Earth since the 1970s. Since 2015, we have combined Landsat imagery with imagery from the Sentinel-2 mission, part of the European Union and European Space Agency’s Copernicus Earth observation program.

To put the global change in context, we partnered with Carnegie Mellon University CREATE Lab to show how human impact is changing our forests and waterways, how cities are growing around the world and just how beautiful the delicate ecosystem of our world is"

The project helps users to view different places around the planet and in raising awareness about the climate change and the environmental issues. The project highlights how the landscape is changing over the years and changes in the key places around the planet like Columbia Glacier Retreat in USA, Berlin Brandenburg Airport construction area in Germany, Coastal expansions in Dubai, Meandering rivers in India, Bush fires effect in Australia, Deforestation areas in Brazil etc. Also, the project lets users view the impact of an urban population growth in cities in the countries like China and USA.

Image Credits: Google Earth

An image from Google Earth shows the forest area in Brazil in 1984
Forest Area in Brazil in 1984

Image Credit: Google Earth

An image from Google Earth shows the change in Brazil's forest area in 2020 due to deforestation.
Forest Area in Brazil in 2020

"As far as we know, time-lapse in Google Earth is the largest video on the planet, of our planet," Google said.

It is evident that the humans on earth are realizing what they have done to their planet over the years with the technology they have now with them and they are now trying hard to save the nature of earth, however they accept the fact that saving the planet earth is not easy as they think because they have experienced the power of nature earlier many times and therefore they are now actively looking for an alternative to earth for their survival; therefore, we aliens now in danger and need to discuss how do we protect ourselves at home from humans and how to restrict them from invading our space and making this space as dirty as earth, otherwise we will be in the same situation of humans where they are now. Therefore, our home is placed on high alert to work towards and ensure the security of Aliens and protection of our space unlike Humans.

From School of Super Unnatural,

Alien A.

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