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POCO X3 NFC, The Gaming beast

Updated: Nov 14, 2021


The POCO x3 is a Mid-Range phone that promises a lots of feature like a higher frame rate screen , stereo Speaker and Quad Camera in the price range of RS-16,999.


The POCO X3’s metallic texture pattern and Unique POCO logo give it a unique and attractive look you won’t mistake for another phone like many other mid ranger ‘s back is made with plastic material. It is strange that POCO named this device after NFC though, as it has other arguably interesting feature like IP53 splash resistance which is hardly find in this price range.


This phone, in this range is a display beast itself. POCO X3 provide a high refresh rate screen. The display is a 6.67” IPS LCD with a 1080 P resolution and it brings super fast 120HZ refresh rate. This means this phone is very smooth to the eye like when you scrolling. However, the implementation is not perfect. The pixel response time doesn’t seems to be as fast as the refresh rate, so you will notice some ghosting when you look closely. But this doesn’t takes away the smoothness though. The display is super responsive to your touch which is great for gaming. Contrast is very good, you can see colors are very accurate and aesthetic. Brightness is very good with 460nits with the slider and a boost up to 630nits in the auto mode when in bright sun. It is protected with a layer of Gorilla glass 5.

It provides very good video quality in gaming also.


For audio, the POCO X3 NFC has a hybrid stereotype speaker set up with one bottom firing speaker , and the ear piece acting as the second one. It is really pretty loud. But it seems to be lacking in mid tones, unfortunately. There is a 3.5mm jack as well, great for plugging in traditional headphones. It supports FM radio too. You will get a white static LED behind the head speakers .It will let you know notification like missed call or message history.

Fingerprint scanner:

You can easily wake up and unlock your POCO X3 NFC by the fingerprint sensor locating in the sides just beneath the Power button. It is super responsive.


It has expandable storage option with internal 64 or 128 GB.


The POCO X3’s interface is XIOMI’s new MIUI 12 based on android 10. It is quite clean, cool and snappy. Your apps are stored in a apps drawer by default and it automatically organized them into categories.

Something unique to the POCO is you don’t get the option to disable the drawer and keep your apps on the home screen like you can on XIOMI phones. One special feature in MIUI 12 is the notification screen can be shared into two parts IE the notification panel and the control panel. You also have the ability to put any apps in the floating windows which can hover above any windows , great for multi tasking.

This software is proven to be very helpful for mobile gaming.


For top performance, POCO X3 NFC runs on a snapdragon 732G, is a new chip that offers some of the best performance in the 4G midrange segment. CPU wise only Snapdragon 765 is better than it as per my thought. And in graphics, it can outperform maximum midrange segment phone, tested and true. Games run great, and it didn’t run into any hiccup in other tusks either. It have not any overheating issue, thanks to the vapor chamber and two graphite layers.

It also provides you very smooth gaming experience.


The POCO x3NFC has powered by a large 5160mAh power battery, and as you expect, battery life is great. It has 125 hours stand by battery life. Though the battery is large, you can top it up pretty fast with the 33wt charger that comes in the box. You can charge the phone from 0 to 55% within half an hour.


The POCO X3 NFC has a quad camera set up, with a 64MP main camera, 12MP ultra wide angle camera, 2MP macro camera and a depth sensor. As per review, there is a blur area in the bottom left of the camera sample. Otherwise, daylight, moonlight, selfies image quality is too good.

So, after reviewing all details, I can assure that it is one of the best Phone in midrange and surely the best gaming phone in midrange. It is become the 2nd best gaming phone of 2020. You can surely go for it if you want to have it.

*all photos have taken from official website of POCO.

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